How did you come to know about the opportunity to join ENVISION Project’s Consortium?
NSG/Pilkington was already cooperating with TNO Netherlands. Bart Erich then informed us about the project and it appeared that it perfectly fits in our strategy to develop innovative, sustainable Insulating Glass Units which will contribute to a more sustainable world.

Why did you decide to join ENVISION project’s consortium?
It gives NSG/Pilkington the opportunity to cooperate in another professional consortium with synergistic targets. The final goal is to develop sustainable products that could be launched in the near-future. The data and experience gained from this project is invaluable; not just for a successful commercial launch, but also for optimizing internal processes, and extending our professional network.

Is it the first time that you are working for a H2020 research project? If no, was your previous experience useful for the development of ENVISION? How?
Personally, yes, though NSG/Pilkington has frequently participated in other Horizon 2020 projects. I appreciate the professional attitude and the support from all partners in the consortium. Within our organization, a special Horizon 2020 team has been created to work closely on finalising the deliverables on time, in addition to achieving the goals of NSG/Pilkington.

What do you like the most about the fact of being part of an international partnership?
I recognise the value of the cooperative aspects between the partners. Despite the variations in the approach and culture between the different organisations, I remarked that the consortium is very constructive and has an exemplary professional attitude.

Concerning ENVISION, what’s your main role in the project?
My role is in Research & Development, with a strong focus on commercial activities.