How did you come to know about the opportunity to join ENVISION Project’s Consortium?
My Dutch colleague Marcel, who is also part of the ENVISION project, first told me about it. He already had been in contact with TNO, which is also well-known to us, regarding this specific project. He introduced me to Bart Erich from TNO, and that was the start for me.

Why did you decide to join ENVISION project’s consortium?
After the first meeting with TNO it became clear that ENVISION would be a very interesting and important project, where we can contribute and further develop our products. So I explained the background of this project inside our German entity, and got positive feedback and backing to participate. Personally, I am convinced and motivated to be part of a project, which has the aim to develop green, sustainable

Is it the first time that you are working for a H2020 research project? If no, was your previous experience useful for the development of ENVISION? How?
Yes, it is my first time working on a H2020 project. It’s a great opportunity, with a rewarding learning curve, and plenty of challenge, of course. There is plenty of experience to be gained within the project.

What do you like the most about the fact of being part of an international partnership?
It feels really positive to get the chance to work together on “a bigger thing”. Climate change is something that concerns all of us, therefore it is straightforward to me to work and find solutions together.

Concerning ENVISION, what’s your main role in the project?
I have a Scientific background, and my main role is to give technical support regarding appropriate glazing solutions.